Austin Maxi UK Register


The aim of the register is to catalogue as many Austin Maxis still registered in the UK as possible. The details of cars listed are derived from various sources including the DVLA vehicle enquiry service from registration numbers provided by club members or discovered from the internet, magazines and word of mouth.

How Many Left?

This is a question that gets asked a lot at classic car shows, and the reality is nobody really knows for sure. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) issues statistics for each quarter (albeit not until about three months afterwards) showing how many of each model of vehicle regsitered with them are licensed (taxed) and also how many are on Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). Although there are inevitably errors and omissions (eg vehicles that are not registered with a precise model name) these figures do give a resonably accurate reflection of many Maxis are still on the road (licensed) or have the potential to be (SORN). However it does not include details of other vehicles still registered with them (ie not notified as being scrapped or exported); and this is where guess work has to come into play. The most recent DVLA statistics can be seen by selecting Statistics from the Maxi UK Register menu above. Other websites such as provide a user friendly way of accessing the DVLA statistics, and links to individual Maxi models on that website are provided on the Statistics page under "DVLA Stats". Alongside the DVLA figures are the equivalent totals of the Maxis in this register.


Non-members can search for individual cars using the full UK registration number.

Members can search by either the three letter group from the registration or the number from the registration; by year of registration (not necessarily the same as the year of manufacture!); and by status - (1) licensed, (2) on SORN or (3) unlicensed (and not on SORN). To get access to these search options, please log in via the Members Area.