Club Membership

Membership of the Austin Maxi Owners Club is open to anybody who has an interest in these vehicles, whether or not a current (or previous) owner.

The club membership runs from 1st May of each year until 30th April of the following year. New members joining in the first six months of the membership year (May to October inclusive) pay the full year's subscription; those joining during November to February (inclusive) pay half of a full year's subscription. All memberships are renewable on the 1st May each year. Please see below for the current subscription rates. Please note any applications received in March or April will be postdated to 1st May (ie will cover the following membership year).

There are two rates of subscription, one for members in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands) and one for the rest of the world. The difference is to cover the extra cost of posting the club magazine 'Maximise' overseas.

Family members residing at the same address as the main member may join the club free of charge. Please note that only one copy of the club magazine 'Maximise' will be sent to each household.

Annual Subscription Rates

• UK (exc Channel Islands) Single:

• UK (exc Channel Islands) Family:

• Overseas Single:

• Overseas Family:





New members joining between November and February (inclusive) pay half the above rates.

All subscriptions must be paid in GB Pounds (Sterling).

How To Join

There are two ways to apply for membership:

Requires payment by PayPal - fill in the application form on screen and submit.

Requires payment by UK cheque or Postal Order - download a copy of the membership application form, complete and send to the Membership Secretary at the address shown on the form.

We aim to process membership applications within 28 days of receipt. Please bear in mind
that the club is run by unpaid volunteers in their spare time, so your patience is appreciated!

If you have any questions about club membership before joining then please contact us.

The Club Constitution may be viewed here.

The Club Privacy Policy may be viewed here.