Club Rules and Constitution


Revised April 2010



This association shall be known as "The Austin Maxi Owners Club" and shall be hereafter referred to as "The Club".



The objectives of the Club are as follows:-

a) To preserve and encourage use and promote enthusiasm by members and owners of Austin Maxis and derivatives.

b) To promote the awareness and consideration of Austin Maxis.

c) To provide a regular newsletter and various other information to Members.



a) Membership of the club will be accepted at the discretion of the Club Committee who reserve the right to refuse membership without explanation or appeal.

Membership shall cease if the subscription has not been paid in full within a time to be decided by the Committee.

It is the responsibility of individual Members to inform the Secretary of any change of address and/or other membership details. Failure to do so will not be the clubs responsibility.

Any Member charged with conduct which the Committee considers prejudicial to the club will be called to answer to the Committee, failing to satisfy the same the Committee may caution, suspend, require resignation of, or require expulsion from the club. Any Committee Member behaving in such a manner may be required to abide by this rule.

It would be assumed that any club member inviting a guest would furnish the guest with a copy of the club rules beforehand.


b) 'Family Member' means a member who is a spouse, partner, son or daughter under the age of eighteen years, and residing with a Full Member. Family Members shall not be entitled to receive a copy of the Club Magazine. On the death of a Full Member the Membership of any related Family Members shall continue until the end of that Membership Year, Family Members shale be entitled to vote on Club matters.



Any Club member or guest displaying his or her car(s) or goods or materials at any display or show will be responsible for their own property at all times during the event.



a) President and Vice-President - The Club may appoint a President and any number of Vice-Presidents. They shall have all the rights of full membership.


b) Committee - There shall be a Core Committee responsible to the Club Membership to manage the day to day running for the Club’s affairs. The Core Committee will comprise:

• Chairman
• Membership Secretary
• Treasurer
• Events Secretary
• Magazine Editor
• Regalia Secretary
• Public Relations Officer
• At least Two General Committee Members


In addition to the Core Committee the posts of Spares/Technical Advisor and Webmaster to be ex officio and, along with the Regional Representatives of Club Membership, are entitled, but not required, to participate in all Committee Meetings. A member may hold more than one Core Committee post and Core Committee Members may also be Regional Representatives but no person attending a Committee Meeting will have more than one vote, irrespective of the number of posts held. All full members if the Club will be eligible to serve on the Committee and all Core Committee members will retire annually and be eligible for re-election.

The duties of the Committee Members shall be detailed in written job descriptions that may be amended from time to time to reflect changes in the activities of the Club.

No Committee Member shall commit monies for any unapproved or new expense without the prior agreement of the Treasurer, Chairman and two other Committee Members.


c) General Meeting - This shall take place as soon as possible at the end of the financial year for the Club accounts. At this meeting the previous year’s work will be examined and reports received. The Members present shall elect the Committee. Each vote shall be taken by a majority decision of the members present, the Chairman to have the casting vote. Items for the agenda should be with the Secretary not less than four clear weeks prior to the date of the GM. notification of the date of the GM will appear in the Club magazine prior to the date of the GM.


d) Nominations for President, Vice-President and Committee - Nominations should be with the Secretary not less than four weeks prior to the date of the GM together with signatures and addresses of proposer and seconder who must both be FULL MEMBERS of the Club. Nominations may be accepted from the floor of the GM at the discretion of the Chairman.


e) Committee Vacancies - A vacancy on the Committee arising during its term of office shall be filled at the GM. In any interim period, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt a Member to fill the vacancy.


f) Committee Meetings - Committee meetings shall be held at least twice a year at a place and time decided by the Committee. Four members to form a quorum.


g) Bank Account - All Club monies shall be held in the name of "The Austin Maxi Club" to be placed in the duly accredited bank. Payments to be made by the Treasurer. Monies to be held in an interest earning account at the discretion of the Committee. All club cheques shall be countersigned by at least one Club Member who is not a committee member.


h) Financial Year - For the purposes of the Clubs accounts the financial year shall be deemed to end on the last day of March.


i) Annual Audit - The accounts shall be audited annually by a non-member of the club. A full and complete record of the year’s workings and the audited statement of income and expenditure shall be presented at the GM.


j) Remuneration of Officers - The officers of the Club shall not receive payment either directly or indirectly for their services or for other than legitimate expenses incurred in the work of the Club. Assistance with travelling costs to Committee meetings may be made available in the case of genuine hardship.



The Club shall not be dissolved except by a resolution of three-quarters of those Members present at a GM. In the event of dissolution any remaining funds shall be disposed of as decided by the Members present at that meeting.



Alterations additions or amendments to the rules and constitution shall be made only at the GM and must be passed by two-thirds majority of those present. All proposals for changes must be made in writing to the Secretary not less than four clear weeks prior to the date of the GM and must be supported by the signatures of four or more Members.



Any bequest of a car or spares made to the Club shall be accompanied by a sum of money to facilitate inspection of the bequest transport to place of storage and any cost towards making fit for use. Set at £500.00 for a car £200.00 for spares, amount to be increase by the Committee as they see fit.



The Chairman shall be empowered to interpret these rules and constitution. In the case of a dispute, the decision of the Committee shall be subject to appeal at the next GM.