The Austin Maxi Owners Club


The club was formed in 1989.  The current President, Ian Botting, was one of the founder members. Its aim was and is to preserve and promote the Austin Maxi. The club has members in the UK and throughout the world.

The club is administered by a committee who are elected by its members at the club's Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each member elected to the club committee has a specific role - Spares, Events, Regalia, Publicity, Membership, Finance, Magazine Editor, Webmaster, Technical Advisor and Chairman. Club accounts are audited and presented to members at the AGM each year.

The club provides a number of services to its members, including technical advice and event co-ordination, as well as an opportunity for like minded enthusiasts to meet. Ocassionally the club manages to coerce an ex-BMC/BL employee into giving a lecture about some aspect of the British Motor Industry and in particular the Maxi.

The club keeps in touch with all of its members via its magazine Maximise which is published and distributed quarterly. Maximise contains feature articles, club news, details of forthcoming events, adverts for car sales and spares. In addition the club has this website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

The Club has a number of regalia items for sale to its members including mugs, stickers, badges and t-shirts.